McNeal Post Office

9103 U.S. 191, McNeal
Phone: +1 520-642-3595

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Dec 11, 2020

Dawn Marie Wheeler

have been living in the McNeal area for a solid year. I have been getting packages from Amazon delivered, steadily, never, ever an issue. Fast forward to now....two weeks before CHRISTMAS. I don't know if the normal postal workers are out sick, or on vacation, what have you, but Miss Lizzie has been there at the office the last week. EVERY SINGLE PACKAGE I've had delivered, she has refused and sent back to shipper. She blatantly tells us that EVERY OTHER EMPLOYEE at the office does not know what they're doing, or how to do their job, and they should not be receiving amazon shipping. And secondly she doesn't "get paid" to receive these packages. She was rude, she and threw her other co-workers completely under the bus. For a year. Everything was fine. I was never told I couldn't receive a package through Amazon. They've been coming the same, week to week. And now, Lizzie has decided, herself, that she's just not gonna do her job. We aked why we weren't given a courtousy call (since all has been well, and now rules have changed, I would expect a phone call) and, she says...We don't have clients numbers. But...when I applied for the P.O. Box, the paperwork REQUIRES a phone number. So. Is there anyone who can explain this mess to me? Lazy Lizzie, it's the Christmas season, and I hope yours is crap.

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